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"Oh, Santa--You Shouldn't Have!" A Closer Look at the 2018 CVO Road Glide

The Motor Company celebrates its 115th year in 2018 with what Harley-Davidson claims is its largest-ever product development project, introducing 8 new cruisers and 5 new touring models, including my personal favorite, the CVO Road Glide.  

"In addition to six motorcycle “family” groups with 32 distinct models, the Milwaukee company launched 10 distinctively styled 115th Anniversary editions. When you add four Softail models that available with one of two different engines, the 2018 model count jumps to 46." --Digital Trends

That is a lot of models, but my singular focus is the 2018 Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide. For those who do not know, "CVO" stands for Custom Vehicle Operations. This bike has factory installed upgrades such as the 117 cu on Screaming Eagle engine and the Orange Lava and Dark Alloy paint scheme.

I still love my 2008 Road King! But my next bike will have a shark nose fairing and CVO parts!

The Motor Company has produced four versions of the Road Glide for 2018. In order of increasing cost and desirability, they are: the standard Road Glide (FLTR), the Road Glide Special (FLTRX), the Road Glide Ultra (FLTRU), and the CVO Road Glide (FLTRXSE). 

Most Harley riders customize their bike(s) with functional and decorative add-ons. Harley's  designers select one or two models each year for some factory-installed custom features, allowing a small number of riders to buy their new bike already tricked out. The CVO versions of selected bikes include upgraded "Screaming Eagle" racing parts. In fact, the "SE" in the CVO Road Glide model designation (FLTRXSE) stands for Screaming Eagle. 

This bike has a lot of upgrades! 
"The CVO Road Glide is the sole new model in Harley’s 2018 lineup. With its $41,400 starting price, this fully-loaded Road Glide has a custom 21-inch front wheel and fender, a unique exhaust system, and a suspension specially set up for the larger front wheel." --Digital Trends

Have a closer look! Enjoy this walk-around video.

Here is the timeline for getting this beauty from the factory in York, PA to a special place under my Christmas tree:
  • Release of 2018 models announced, 22 Aug
  • Dealerships begin receiving the 2018 model year bikes, 23 Aug
  • Test ride bikes available for Harley Owner Group (HOG) members, 31 Aug
  • Test rides available for the general public, 2 Sep
  • Plenty of models in stock, just in time for Christmas shopping, 18 Nov (thus the timing for this post!)

Santa knows me well....
2018 Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide. The suspension has been retuned for maximum performance with the 21-inch front wheel, and the front fender is also now unique to the CVO Road Glide. Also, the exhaust has a new finish that is only found on the CVO Road Glide. Colors: Black Earth/Vivid Black; Orange Lava/Dark Alloy; Gunship Gray.

Description & Comments

The 2018 CVO Road Glide is built to deliver optimal performance, handling, and ride quality. Get in the saddle, you won't be stopping anytime soon.
Features may include:

  • Milwaukee-Eight® Twin-Cooled 117 Engine
The most powerful V-Twin engine ever offered from the factory, and only available in CVO. Features color-accented Rocker Box Lowers with deep orange finish.
  • Custom Touring Style
Features the first Harley-Davidson factory-installed 21-inch front wheel, a unique exhaust finish, and a luxurious, super-premium paint scheme.
  • High-Performance Front and Rear Suspension
Dual bending valve front suspension and emulsion rear suspension with hand-adjustable pre-load put you in control of a plush ride.
  • Frame-Mounted Shark Nose Fairing
A distinctive, menacing, mile-hungry design that cuts through the wind like no other fairing in the world.
  • Premium BOOM! Box 6.5 Infotainment System
A stylish 6.5-inch full-color touchscreen display with voice activation for hands-free mobile phone, media, and navigation. Delivers powerful, pure sound and dynamic full-range audio.
  • Wireless Headsets with Wireless Headset Interface Module
Call hands-free on your Bluetooth® mobile phone, listen to stereo music or voice instructions of GPS navigations, and have intercom conversations with your passenger or fellow riders.
  • Reflex Linked Brembo® Brakes with Standard ABS
The front and rear brakes are electronically linked to provide exactly the right amount of brake to each tire no matter the road condition. No matter how good you are, this will make you a better rider.
  • Integrated Security System with a Power Locking Fob
A next-generation security system featuring a hands-free fob that locks and unlocks your machine, your luggage plus automatically arms and disarms its electronic security functions as you approach and walk away from the bike.

Be still my heart!
I've been good, Santa. Real good!

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