Monday, August 3, 2015

Sternberg's Triangle Theory of Love

Interesting how things come to one's attention. I had not heard of the triangular theory of love nor of its chief proponent, psychologist Robert Sternberg. Or, if I had ever heard of this model, the knowledge had slipped over the rim of my over-flowing mind. 

But as recent posts here at PhilosFX will attest, I am interested in the topics of self-awareness, character development, and receptivity. I think of receptivity in the sense of openness to relationships, love, and companionship. 

All that is well and good, yet the "thing" that caught my eye, captivated my attention, and motivated this post was the below diagram which is circulating on social media.  
And by now you may have recognized the "hook." Sternberg's Triangle Theory of Love is about the three components of love: intimacy,passion, and decision or commitment. Meanwhile, a "Love Triangle" has a very different meaning!

For this reason, I commend the second figure. Figure 2 is not perfect, either, but at least it is more faithful to Sternberg's concept. I do appreciate a good Venn diagram, and I also like the addition of the Mind, Body, and Spirit components in Figure 1.

Perhaps I will take it upon myself to create Figure 3, the error-free depiction of Sternberg's Triangle Theory of Love.

In the meantime, stay (intellectually) thirsty, my friends!

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