Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Shape Of Your Nails Reveals A Lot About You

Image of Fingernails: American Overlook

Now we think that different fingernail shapes correlate with personality traits? I have no idea how this works. I merely pass along the interesting information with the added value that it seems to be accurate as far as I can tell, n = 1.

Does it work for you? Any ideas how it works? Is this purely genetic, or could it be related to pre-natal androgens?

For the record, my nails most certainly match the picture labeled with number "1" in the image and called "Vertically Long" in the article. Here is the associated description:

"Your wonderful and weird imagination compliments your romantic and mild temperament. As a creative individual, you meticulously watch the details and can get overwhelmed with your surrounding environment. You spot details others miss and people love being around you as you can get along with almost everyone."

I can work with that!