Sunday, May 11, 2014

An Individual Doesn't Get Cancer... A Family Does

Each week, two anonymous students named Dangerdust create amazing chalkboard Art. One example is shown below. I selected this one for reasons which will be obvious to PhilosFX regulars.

You can see the rest of the article and many more examples HERE.

A skeptic wonders...
  • If they are anonymous, how do we know there are two of them? 
  • How do we know that the art works take up to 11 hours to complete? 
  • If the art works appear every Monday morning, isn't it pretty obvious that the rogue student artists are up to their mischief Sunday nights? 
  • Quick show of hands: who has heard of Banksy? 
  • OK, keep your hands up if you ever heard of the Columbus College of Art and Design?
  • I think I see a publicity stunt...
Enjoy the art and don't ask too many questions!