Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Reference for Beer Lovers in the Washington, DC Area

Craft Beer Lovers who live in the DC area are so fortunate! We have so many brewers, breweries, and brew-pubs in our area now that keeping up is actually getting to be a challenge!

This is a good problem to have, yes? 

One way to solve the "problem" is to make and maintain a list of area brewers. I have been doing that as a service to PhilosFX readers for some time now, via periodic updates to my Burgeoning Brewing Scene post. I get tons of help with this labor of love from readers far and wide. And I am very grateful to fellow beer enthusiasts who appreciate and support this modest effort with suggestions and updates.

Now I am offering a new twist...

A Symbaloo Web Mix of  Current DC Area Breweries

I have compiled a list of DC area breweries (55 and counting!), and saved their web sites on a single reference page called a "web mix." The software that allows me to make this custom dashboard is available free from Symbaloo.com.  I will share a link to this web mix with anyone who is interested. 

The breweries are shown in alphabetical order. I am mainly following currently "open, local, craft" brewers. I define "local" as those within 100 miles (2 hours) of the US Capitol Building. Once the frame of 64 tiles is full, I'll trim the content by removing breweries furthest from the US Capitol Building. 

Beer brewed locally by non-locally owned chains, e.g., Gordon Biersch, Rock Bottom, Chophouse, etc., is not included here, but you can see those, plus "tied house" retail outlets such as the Dogfish Head Ale Houses, on my other post.

The only exception I have made to the above "open, local, craft" rule is Portner Brewhouse and Craft Brew Test Kitchen. They are not quite open yet. Perhaps I am merely offering some positive energy to a venture I truly believe in. 

>> Questions or updates are welcome in the Comments section. <<