Friday, July 20, 2012

Obama Collage

Sharing a photosynth I made of a very cool poster. Click the image below to watch a "collage of collages" come to life.

Here's a little backstory. The Microsoft Photosynth software takes a pile of photos that you upload and stitches them together. You can make a panorama by taking pictures as you spin, or you can make a "synth," of pictures synthesized into a collage. Visit the site to see examples and perhaps create your own

In this synth project, the subject is itself a collage. The poster of then-candidate Obama is composed entirely of photos of other political, social, and philosophical leaders and events. I took 26 pictures of varying camera orientations and focal lengths. I wanted to capture the poster the same way one appreciates it on the wall: big picture portrait and an historical novel in pictures.

I bought the poster from the artist at an art show. One of the photos shows the artist's signature: "O" and the date "2009." The artist told me he had his name legally changed to O.  

I bought it as a birthday gift for my 18-year old, civic-minded, and politically active adult-voter-daughter. I find the poster a fascinating summary of the history of hope for racial equality. I hope you enjoy it, too.