Monday, May 9, 2011

Why bin Laden Lost

Doug Kanter / AFP / Getty Images

Here's a link to a thought-provoking article entitled Why bin Laden Lost, just published on for BusinessWeek:

The subtitle is

Al Qaeda's leader died because he was outgunned. He lost because he was wrong.

So far, so good. 

But the article itself takes a number of disturbing turns. Here is the comment I left for Brendan Greeley, the author:

On the whole, I disagree with the article. Sure, there are good points. But the premise is that bin Laden lost because he was instigating to a grand scheme, and the US won because our founding document lacks any aspiration beyond the freedom to pursuit happiness. Conclusion: ObL is dead, so let's take a day trip or go to the spa. What a morally bankrupt and bleak way to look at the world and the gift of life.

I am interested in the thoughts and comments of other readers. Please post here in the comments section of the blog, or consider posting on the article's comment section at the above link. 

Hat tip to Randy for posting a link to this article on his Facebook page.