Friday, August 22, 2014

Sunrise aboard the Green Turtle Floating B&B

Today I would like to share some time lapse photos of a recent sunrise. These photos were taken aboard the Andante, aka Green Turtle 3, a floating Bed and Breakfast in the Boston Harbor.  

The photos are the story but I will attempt to set the stage for you. Imagine, if you will...

The planes stopped taking off and landing at nearby Logan by around 2:30 am and all was perfectly still. At about 3:30 am, the fishermen began loading their boats for the day's work, or firing up dinghies to make their way to bigger vessels moored further out from our pier. By 4:30, it was still again.

The 5:30 alarm sounded. We trundled up to the bridge with blankets and a pot of coffee. In fact, the enclosed bridge was a little too confined in the sense that we felt we were "indoors." So we moved back down to the cockpit.

Sunrise was expected at 5:38, and the sky gradually brightened as expected. But ol' Sol took his sweet time moseying over the tree tops. Next time you think that time flies too quickly, try waiting for the exact moment when the sun breaks into view.

If you are into classical music, or if you speak Italian you may know that "andante" refers to a moderately slow and even tempo, usually considered to be slower than allegretto but faster than adagio. Let's call it a nice walking pace. Our yacht, the Andante, is not going to win any America's Cup races, but she is comfortable, and perfect for an early morning stroll with the sun.