Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nationale Feestdag Belgique

I love to celebrate and I love Belgian beer, therefore I should love any reason to celebrate with Belgian Beer, right? The sting of Belgium's defeat of USA in the recent FIFA World Cup may have kept me from sipping Belgium's awe-inspiring brews for a time, but that time has passed. The sting of defeat has subsided to the point that once again, I can seek and savor solace in a chalice.

No, it's not Independence Day!
Let's go to the party and enjoy great Belgian beers,
but let's also demand a more historically accurate poster
for next year's party 

So while almost any any time is the right time for Belgian ale, I was disappointed to see the poster above advertising a local restaurant chain's celebration. The All-Belgian lineup is great, but the call to celebrate "Belgian Independence" is disappointing.  

"Dear Pizzeria Paradiso (Old Town): July 21st is Belgian National Day, NOT Belgian Independence Day as your poster implies. Love your All-Belgian draft lineup and will continue to love all three Paradiso locations, but would appreciate some attention to the historical facts in future posters. Belgium had gained independence from the Netherlands a year before their constitutional monarchy was adopted on this day in 1831."

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