Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beginning the Craft Brew Adventure: A Questionnaire

If you are new to the wonderful world of craft brewed beer, I would like to help you get started on a great adventure. Here are a couple questions. Your answers will help me make good recommendations for you. There are over 30,000 beers out there, but we can winnow the list down to 3, based on your preferences and what is available in your area.

1. What is your zip code (need to check my sources for distributors and retailers in your area)?
2. What is your current go-to beer, the one you almost always have in the fridge? Why do you like it?
3. What is the best or most interesting beer you have ever tried? What did you like most about the flavor or aroma: hoppy bitterness, malty sweetness?
4. Is there a beer you've tried and said, "never again!"? What turned you off? Too sour, too fruity, too funky?
5. Do you have any price considerations? Beer comes in many different packages. I convert beer price to cost per pint for comparison. I have spent anywhere from $1 to $24 per pint with plenty of really good ones available around $6.
6. Are you willing to receive alcohol in the mail if we don't find something local? There are some restrictions regarding interstate shipping of alcohol.
7. Is pairing food and beer together a consideration? When you order a beer at a restaurant, to you tend to get a beer you like or do you try to select a beer to compliment the meal?
8. Finally, look at this list of 12 ingredients and tell me which three are most appealing and three least appealing: coffee, chocolate, vanilla, cherry, raspberry, watermelon, caramel, licorice, coriander, strawberry, oatmeal, orange.

The answers will give me an idea for what will work best for you, so just send me what answers come to mind quickly. I will reply with 3 recommended craft beers available at retailers in your area.